Fund Raising

The Mint Ventures is committed to the long-term success of our partners. We offer more than capital; we become your co-founders, bringing our industry knowledge and experience to the table. Our focus lies in SaaS and fintech ventures, with investments ranging from USD 50,000 to 500,000. We focus on cultivating innovation and guiding investments that shape the future.

We also advise companies, in all stages of business, on raising debt and equity financing. Through our network and expertise, we guide business owners in navigating the complexities of fundraising, optimizing their financial strategies, and attracting the right investors who align with their vision and goals.

Ready to take the next step? Please review our process. 

brown and white paper bag
brown and white paper bag

"Mint": This word is associated with something valuable, desirable, or of high quality. The Mint Ventures helps startups become more valuable and desirable to investors, making them a "better mint" in the eyes of potential funders.

We partner with high-growth startups to secure the capital they need to thrive. However, before we can champion your fundraising journey, we conduct a thorough due diligence process.

Due diligence provides valuable insights into your business, allowing us to tailor a fundraising strategy aligned with your specific goals. Our process ensures our clients are well-prepared, effectively communicated, and well-matched with investors, increasing the likelihood of securing the capital (debt or equity) they need. 

gray concrete stairway between plants
gray concrete stairway between plants

Here's how we move forward:

  1. Initial Assessment: To begin, we'll need some key documents and information from you. This may include:

    • Business Plan

    • Market research data

    • Financial statements (Historical & Projections as applicable)

    • Pitch deck

    • Team bios

    • Registration documents

    • Owners & Directors ID details

    • References (when needed)

Following receipt of your information, we conduct a top-level due diligence review. Based on this assessment, we'll determine if The Mint Ventures is a good fit to champion your fundraising efforts.

  1. Agreement: If we move forward together, we'll discuss our fee structure. We offer flexible options to suit your needs, such as:

    • Retainer: A fixed monthly fee for ongoing services.

    • Success Fee: A percentage of the capital raised.

    • Hybrid Model: A combination of retainer and success fee.

  2. Teaser and Investor Targeting: We then craft a compelling teaser document highlighting your startup's potential. Based on investor mandates within our network, we strategically circulate this teaser to generate interest.

  3. Investor Meetings: For interested investors, we'll arrange introductory meetings to facilitate discussions and showcase your company's value proposition.

  4. Ongoing Support: Throughout the fundraising process, we provide ongoing guidance and support, including:

    • Pitch deck refinement

    • Investor communication strategy

    • Negotiation assistance

Beyond Fundraising: Building successful startups goes beyond just securing capital. We'll also actively involve you in relevant events that include networking opportunities with potential investors and industry leaders.

Investment Needs Assessment: To truly optimize your fundraising journey, we recommend starting with an investment needs assessment. This service helps you identify the exact amount of capital you require and tailor your strategy accordingly.

If you're committed to going through our comprehensive due diligence process to find the perfect investor fit, we'd love to hear from you!

Fund Raising Process